Doctors Told Him He Had Just Months To Live, But He Survived Because Of The Love For His Dogs

Zach Skow was told that he had just three months to live, 10 years ago. But, he shocked people and overcame his medical issues and all that happened because of the love of his three dogs.

He was shattered when he got to know he was on the death bed because of a liver disease. But, he turned things around with the help of his three rescue dogs, who he refers to as his “pack”.

He suffered due to alcohol and drug addiction and struggled to get himself out of it. Luckily, he had the love of his dogs to pull him through, and he made the decision to change his ways for them.

He said: “Ten years ago I had end stage liver disease and less than 90 days to live without a liver transplant,”

“I had a tough time being awake in my own skin,

“My dogs were all looking at me like I was the sexiest man alive. They didn’t see the desperation, they just saw they person that they love,

“They were looking forward to a future.”

This thought brought things together and decided to get rid of his addiction. It was necessary because it would not have been possible to have a liver transplant without being sober.

He cut out the booze and the drugs, starting eating more healthily, and began to exercise regularly – yet another thing that is made easier if you’ve got three energetic dogs. The results were impressive to say the least.

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He continued: “I let my dogs do the steering.

“I would go in every week for a blood test and I just kept getting better. My doctors kept looking at me with these puzzled looks on their faces.”

Surprisingly, he did not even need that liver transplant in the end. After turning around with his “pack”, he is trying to keep things exactly that way.

That’s not all, he is now living a worthy life rescuing more dogs and as of now, he has rescued more than 5000 dogs. He also runs ‘Miracle Mutts’ – a outreach programme that helps people to help themselves, and dogs too.

Apart from protecting shelter dogs, he also lends a helping hand to people who are in facing the same issues he had faced. He sends dogs to prison inmates, cancer patients, veterans – basically, anyone who needs a lift from the company of a dog.

Skow explained: “What I have found is my purpose, I am a professional dog rescuer and people saver. I rescue dogs to rescue people.”

“I really hope people will look into giving a dog a second chance. Rescue dogs know, they carry with them immeasurable amounts of love.”

Now, that’s one hell of a turnaround in life and glad he is making the most of it.


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