Conman Jumps In Front Of Car, Steals Rs 1.31 Lakh


On Monday night, three men robbed a businessman of Rs 1.31 lakh in a case of attention diversion on Beli Srinivasa Rao Road, near City Market, in Bengaluru.

One of the men jumped in front of the businessman’s car, getting the four-wheeler to grind to a halt. The other two approached the vehicle on the pretext of enquiring about the accident and stole the money kept on the back seat before fleeing.

Nataraj, a resident of Banashankari and owner of Om Sai Enterprises in the City Market area, said the theft took place while he was on his way home from work. Around 9.30 pm, after closing the shop, he kept a cash bag on the backseat of his hatchback and began driving home. Suddenly, a man jumped in front of his car and fell. Nataraj panicked, stopped the car and stepped out.

The two men came up to him and picked up an argument. By then, the man on the ground got up. Once the trio dispersed, Nataraj returned to the car only to find the bag missing. City Market police have registered a case of theft. According to a police officer, attention diversion is a common method used by miscreants. He said they suspect it to be the handiwork of someone known the complainant. “They knew Nagaraj was taking the money home; it was a well-planned theft,” said an investigating officer.


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Conman Jumps In Front Of Car, Steals Rs 1.31 Lakh
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