Event Manager Arrested For Raping 17-Year-Old Model


On the charges of drugging, raping and blackmailing a young model, a Bengaluru-based event manager has been arrested. The police arrested Pragdish Kapoor, and later the police found several videos and photos of other models on his phone and laptop, which he had allegedly been using to blackmail and rape the women.

Kapoor was busted by Sakshi (name changed), a 17-year-old model from Mumbai, now based in Bengaluru. The class 11 student, who also took up modelling assignments on the side, was contacted by Kapoor recently. He claimed he hired models for fashion shows and was looking to get Sakshi for an assignment.

“We exchanged numbers as he came across as a professional contact. But soon, he started calling up regularly, insisting that we meet to discuss work. By February 5, he had become extremely persistent, claiming he was near my house and wanted to speak with me. My mother dropped me till his car. She spoke with him and he reassured her. He then took me to his place in Ramamurthy Nagar,” said Sakshi.


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