Police injure 2 rowdies



A notorious rowdy-sheeter and his associate, who were both a part of the gang that had gone absconding after attacking two policemen, were shot in their legs by a team attached to the Central Division Police, on Monday evening on Palace Road within Sadashivnagar Police Station limits.

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Rowdy-sheeter George, his accomplice Deva, and others from his gang, had attacked two police sub-inspectors attached to the Viveknagar Police Station last month, during a procession. While cops managed to arrest three members of the gang, George had managed to escape.Police, on Monday, opened fire at the miscreants, in a bid to arrest them.
Sub-inspectors Hazaresh and Raghvendra, along with the special team, received information from a trusty source, that George, along with his three other aides, were in a van on Palace Road. At 4 pm, the two sub-inspectors went to the check the said van. George and his associates attacked the investigating officers. While Hazaresh received a deep cut on his hand, Raghvendra was stabbed in his stomach.

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