The most passenger-friendly cop in town

The most passenger-friendly cop in town

Police Sub-Inspector famous for taming errant auto drivers in majestic is all set to help passengers at ananda rao circle with a logistics initiative

Do you remember one-man-army traffic police sub-inspector Shivaswamy who shot to fame when he tamed more than 40 errant autorickshaw drivers who were fleecing passengers near the city railway station a year ago? He is onto another initiative these days – concerns of passengers near Ananda Rao Circle from where a large number of private outstation buses operate.

The needs of passengers leaving the city and coming here from other places are plenty. Local transport, seating and toilet are necessities without which the bus passengers can become a harried lot, and realising this, the action man is out to regulate these basic amenities.

The no-man’s land below the flyover at the junction, he decides, is ideal to put up facilities the large number of passengers at this junction could use. So Shivaswamy is setting up a state-of-the-art around-the-clock prepaid auto counter with CCTV and computers, an open-air passenger lounge overlooking a garden, and a toilet with a shower, all of which he hopes will be ready by June.

Explaining how he got the idea rolling, Shivaswamy said, “I regularly saw conflicts between autorickshaw drivers and bus passengers at the Ananda Rao Circle. There are pre-paid auto counters at the City railway station and Majestic bus station but not at this circle from where more than 400 plus busses operate every day. So the idea of having a prepaid counter here occurred to me. When I was looking for a suitable place near the private bus stand, I noticed the huge space below the flyover. I decided that counter should be set up here,” Shivaswamy told BM.

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“When I discussed this idea with others, they gave me more suggestions. Though the idea of the prepaid auto counter was opposed by some drivers and middlemen so that they could continue to harass passengers, we decided to go ahead. I approached the local business community to help us make the idea a reality,” he went on.

“Thanks to these sponsors, we began the ground work of the hi-tech counter. This facility will have an open lounge under the flyover where people waiting for an auto can sit. The flyover will shelter the waiting passengers from rain and the sun. The counter will have a computer that generates tickets to the passengers on which will be mentioned the fare to be paid. A high-resolution CCTV camera atop the flyover will monitor all activities. This will bring transparency to the whole operation and also increase safety of passengers, especially women and seniors,” Shivaswamy added.

“Drinking water will be made available to passengers as well as public 24×7. This will be a unique experiment. This model can be replicated all over the city making use of spaces below flyovers,” a local businessman said of the upcoming facility.

Shivaswamy has taken necessary permissions from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike to put up the structures. Traffic police will manage the prepaid counter as per rates fixed by the Regional Transport Authority.

“This counter will run 24×7 with policemen doing three shifts. Majestic and Ananda Rao Circle areas are busy day and night. A counter like this will not only help people who come into the city, but also our customers. That is why we have supported this initiative,” Siddalingiah, owner of Devashree Comforts, a hotel near the flyover said. Shivaswamy said his seniors were most supportive of the idea.

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