11 Pictures That Prove Indians Are The Kings Of Rule Breaking

We are Indians. We do whatever we want to. We don’t like following rules (well, mostly). We laugh at them. We break them. We crush them. And sometimes, we take selfies while breaking them. Yes. We are fearless. When we get caught, we remind people of our father, his money and his links. But still, we break rules.

Here, we have made a list of pictures that prove we Indians love breaking rules.

1) The board clearly says it is reserved for the ladies. But who cares? It is crowded with men who don’t give a s#it about what the authorities demand from them. *Mera Bharat Mahan*




2) And we do this in every mode of transport. This bus says it is a ‘women special’ and this is why it is pink in colour. *Yeh Mera India. I Love My India*



3) Wow! This board clearly says ‘Don’t leave your footwear here” but as always, WHO CARES?


4) Public walls in India are full of requests messages saying “Yahan Peshab Karna Mana Hai” Gadhe Ke Poot Yahan Mat Moot” “Don’t Pee Here”. But, we are Khatron Ke Khiladi and we do whatever we want to do. And most importantly, wherever we want to do. 


5) And this is how we break the traffic rules. Look at these two ladies. There are not wearing the helmets and because there is a traffic jam, they are driving their vehicle in the wrong side of the road. 

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6) And the saga continues…


7) FYI This is India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru posing right in the front of the board which says “Photography Strictly Prohibited” 


8) Former Indian Prime Minister and Vice President of the Congress party enjoying a very peaceful in the Parliament. 


9) No words. Seriously! 


10) Ah! These two are out for a romantic morning walk in the Buddha garden! 

kerala board

11) Arre Bhaiya, please thoda adjust kar lo! fevicol

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