You Are Not A Bengalurean Unless You Relate These 18 Things

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the home for many. You have spent most of your quality time in the swanky new malls that dot the cityscape, but ask yourself…have you been Bangalored?

You are not a Bengalurean if you :

  1. Don’t spend eight or more hours at work and more than half for commuting.

The common excuse you give to your boss for being late, ” horrible traffic.” To know this ask anyone who is travelling from Koramangala to Electronic City, or KR Puram to Whitefield.

2. Don’t ride on the footpath.

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And in order to reach on time, we break all rules even if this means taking and breaking the ‘footpath to work’ on our two-wheelers. This is the only way why many of us get anywhere on time.

3. Always remember to take the change from the conductor.

Conductors in Bangalore especially in the Volvo buses are always short on change. When handed a note of Rs.50, Rs 100 or even Rs 500, he simply writes down the balance amount behind the ticket. And remember you only get the change back when your destination is just one stop away and you are frantically pleading for it.

4. Haven’t shopped on Commercial street.

From jewelry to accessories, and ethnic and western wear, this is a favorite haunt for the well-heeled yet pocket-savvy college crowd.

5. Haven’t taken a Metro ride from MG Road to Byappanahalli and back, just to experience the ride.

Even though the plan to connect the entire city has suffered endless delays, it manages to run from MG road to Byappanahalli. And many of us ride the metro just to say, “I too have taken the metro.”

6. If you haven’t had a Filter kaapi (er, Filter coffee,i.e.)

No Barista or Starbucks or CCD can beat the aroma and aftertaste of a traditional piping hot filter coffee served in a steel tumbler.

7. Haven’t heard of MTR, SLV, CTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan or Veena stores

The idlies and lunch at MTR, masala dosas at CTR, the idli vada at SLV and Vidyarthi Bhavan, or the khara bath at Veena Stores are one of the best dishes you’ll come across here. If you haven’t tried it, it’s never late.

8. The auto rickshaw driver hasn’t said “double meter”, or quoted you a three digit figure

It’s actually a miracle when the autorickshaw driver agrees to drop you without quoting more than the actual metered fare. Sometimes they even ignore you when you are waving your hand at an empty rickshaw leaving you startled.

9. Your two-wheeler hasn’t been towed away

It is no surprise for Bengalureans to see parking lots always full. This leaves you with no option other than parking at nearby lanes. And when you return after your shopping that is when you realize that your vehicle’s been towed away by the traffic police.

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