Top 20 Affordable Restaurants In Bangalore

Bangalore is a city of smart working professionals that know what they want, even when it comes to food. Value for money is key and in keeping with that theme, here’s a list of the top 20 affordable restaurants in Bangalore.

1. Szechuan Dragon, Basavanagudi 


Szechuan Dragon | Source-

A place that would give you true value for your money. Known for its authentic Chinese food Szechuan Dragon is also a delight for the vegetarians. For people who love spicy food, the place has many options like veg spring rolls. The setting of the restaurant is decent and so is price list.

Cost for two – Rs. 400


2. Gramin, Koramangala


Gramin | source:

A small place with a village like setting, this place will bring tears of joy to someone who enjoys north Indian cuisine. This place is always crowded but makes up the wait worthwhile by taking the order beforehand. So, just reach to your table and enjoy the delicious, mouth-watering range of sabji among the very chirping crowd.

Cost for two – Rs 400 approx.
Contact: 080 41104104


3. Shree Sagar (CTR), Malleshwaram

Shree Sagar

The place is crowded at any given hour, not just because its popularity, also because it is consistent in delivering delicious food. Easily one of the best places to have South Indian Food in Bangalore.

Cost for two – Rs 250 approx.


4. Om Pure veg, Infantry Road

om pure

If you ever want to having ghar ka khana within budget, then blindly follow the map to reach this place. The place serves one o the best north Indian thali and their sabudana khichdi is a must try. It is one of the most affordable restaurants in Bangalore.

Cost for two – Rs 350 approx.
Contact: 080 40989595


5. Vasudev Adiga’s, Indiranagar

vasudev adiga

A great south Indian place known for serving the best sambar, this place will make you come back again and again. The place will always be full in the morning with most people having their famous idli-vada combination

Cost for two – Rs 300 approx.
Contact: 080 22940233


6. Taaza Thindi, Jayanagar


Even though the restaurant serves a limited menu, but the taste really makes up for it. The place is known for it´s maintenance and good service. Anyone looking for a decent and affordable place to have Dosas and Idli, must try this place at least once.

Cost for two – Rs. 100-200


7. Kabab Magic, Jayanagar

kabab magicThis place has been very famous for its kebabs and grilled chicken for more than 2 decades now. Serving delicious chunks of chicken in a spicy tikka sauce, their rolls are to die for.

Cost for two – Rs 350 approx.


8. New Modern Hotel, Basavanagudi 

New Modern

Fast service, easy on pocket, consistent food and excellent coffee, the place has everything that makes you want to come here again and again. It is said to be  one of the most reliable and old restaurants in Bangalore.

Cost for two – Rs 150-200 approx.


9. Manjit ka Dhaba, Frazer Town


Having a limited menu, this place is known for great food in less cash. If you want to have the best Punjabi vegetarian dishes without worrying about the fine-dine experience, then this is your next stop. One of the most affordable restaurants in Bangalore to have Punjabi food.

Cost for two – Rs 250 approx.
Contact: 09590084707


10. Vidyarthi Bhavan, Basavanagudi


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It is one of those restaurants in Bangalore that needs no introduction to the local crowd. The chrispy Masala Dosa of Vidhyarthi is very famous which is complimented by the delicious Chutney. Most Bangaloreans must have tried the Dosas here at least once. Other popular food items here include- Poori Saagu, Chow Chow Bath and of course Idly Vada.

Cost for two – Rs .100- 200 approx.


11. Maiyas Restaurant, Jayanagar

Maiyas Restaurant, JayanagarIf you want to enjoy the south Indian meal with perfect filter coffee, then this is your destination. Though this place offers north Indian meals too, but nothing can match the mouth-watering variety of 24 items in the south indian thali.
Cost for two – Rs 250 approx.
Contact: 080 43311111


12. South Thindies, Basavanagudi

South Thindies

The best part about South Thindies is that you don´t have to wait for a empty seat, because there are no seats. You´d be surprised to see how many people are willing to eat the Dosas while standing. A must try place in Basavanagudi.

Cost for two – Rs 100-150 approx.


13. Tayabbs, Indira Nagar


Tayabbs is among those restaurants in Bangalore that are know for it´s charm. The place is something different from your regular food joints. Apart from the unique setting, Tayabbs is famous for the variety of Rolls and Beda roti.

Cost for two – Rs 200-250 approx.


14. Asha Food Camp, Malleshwaram


The place doesn’t offer anything for the non-vegetarians, but the veggies in town always crowd the place for the delicious North Indian food. The South Indian food at Asha is equally delicious and affordable. It would be only justified if you call Asha, one of the best veg restaurants in Bangalore.

Cost for two – Rs. 200-250 approx.


15. South Kitchen, Basavanagudi


If you live anywhere near Basavanagudi, South Kitchen should be your ´Go to´ place for daily breakfast. The crispy Vadas are well known in the area. It is one of the most budget-friendly restaurants in Bangalore.

Cost for two – Rs.50- 100


16. Raghavendra Stores, Malleshwaram


You have to be there to see how popular the place is. Idlis and Medu Vadas are very famous here. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Bangalore. One cannot just cross off Raghavendra stores before trying it two three times.

Cost for two – Rs 100-150 approx.


17. Gud Dhani, BTM 2nd Stage

Gud Dhani
Treat your taste buds with authentic rajasthani food in a pocket-friendly place. WIh quick service, this place serves one of the best paneer dishes and gate ki sabzi will remind you of home.

Cost for two – Rs 400 approx.
Contact: 080 65323663


18. Halli Mane, Malleshwaram

Halli Mane
This place offers authentic Karnataka food with a village ambience situated in traditional part of Bangalore. Just make this one of your top 3 places to visit once in malleshwaram.

Cost for two – Rs 250 approx.
Contact: 080 65611222


19. Hotel Nalapaka, Rajajinagar

hotel Nalapaka

Nalapaka is a perfect breakfast restaurant that can give your day a perfect start. The coffee and Masala Paddus are quite famous here. It is one of those restaurants in Bangalore that can brag about serving authentic South Indian food, clearly making it a good choice for breakfast.

Cost for two – Rs 150-200


20. Shivaji Military Hotel, Jayanagar

Shivaji Military Hotel
This place serves one of the best Biryanis in Bangalore. Make sure to reach early as it gets filled up real soon.

Cost for two: Rs. 250 approx.
Contact: 09845149217

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