Girl Confronts Pervert Who Tried To Click Pictures

A 21-year old city college girl nabbed and confronted a man clicking her photograph and making unwarranted gestures at her inside a Metro train. The security guards at the station let go off the man claiming that he had deleted the photographs from his mobile phone. The girl approached the police fearing that the guy might upload her photographs on to social media.

Police claims that the security guards should have  informed the local police instead of allowing the suspect to walk out of the station. When asked about the incident, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) chief security officer said that the girl was not interested in pursuing the case so they let go off the man.

The 21-year old  boarded the Metro from Mantri Mall Sampige station towards Jalahalli Metro station on Thursday evening. She spotted the man looking at her inappropriately and making gestures. She also saw him click pictures on his mobile phone after which he was using WhatsApp. She tried to confront him but he reportedly fled.

The victim told BM, requesting anonymity as she stays alone

“The unidentified man clicked my pictures without my consent and sent it to others through WhatsApp. As soon as the train stopped, he too got down along with me in Jalahalli. Sensing danger, I started chasing him asking him to stop and complained about the incident to one woman officer at the station. But the person merged with the crowd and escaped. I kept running behind him and managed to catch hold of him outside the station. I then sought the help of the guards who were outside. The guards then managed to catch him and inspected his phone. The accused while trying to run has deleted the pictures and the WhatsApp conversation. The guards told me that they cannot do anything as the photos were not there.”

The victim told that the security are not trained well enough to handle such situations but added that they were cooperative. The incident took place between 4.45 and 5 pm  and the accused was carrying an orange bag. The women fears that her photos could be misused.

“The police have promised to check the CCTV footage of the Metro station when the incident happened. Since the station has CCTVs fitted in each and every corner, footage of the accused deleting the pictures can be easily found out,” an official said.

A case of stalking under Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code has been registered by the Peenya police.

BMRCL CSO PSB Nair said,

“The person was asked to go after the woman herself asked the guards to do so. The guards did accordingly.”


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