Helmet Thefts Widespread At Traffic Police Headquarters

Around 15 helmet thefts have been reported in recent days, right under the nose of the traffic police. A reporter and photographer of Bangalore Mirror were the latest victims of this as they were visiting the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) on Wednesday.

Bengaluru traffic police have eyes on every nook and corner of the city through the vast network of CCTV cameras, but still doesn’t have a single CCTV installed at its state-of-the-art facility.

The reporter and his photographer from BM had been to the TMC on Wednesday around 4:45 pm on a bike. They parked the bikes in the basement of the building. Without thinking twice, they left the helmets on their bike.

WHen they rerturned to their bikes at around 8:30 pm, they found both their helmets were missing. They could not find them inspite of searching the whole premises. There was more than 20 bikes in the basement and none of them had helmets on them either.

The deputy commissioner of police (traffic east) Abhishek Goyal was alerted about the incident, and the duo asked him if they had CCTV cameras installed in the premises. The two also met another guy who had lost his helmet parking in the basement.

The additional commissioner of police (traffic) R Hitendra told that it is not a matter for the traffic police and directed them to lodge a complaint with the jurisdictional police.

Hitendra said that that the matter of CCTV is for the administration and it has to be checked with them. Helmet theft has increased since the rule for pillion riders was introduced as the price of helmets increased and the supply was inadequate due to a sudden spike in demand.

A senior officer said,

“While helmets being stolen at malls, shopping centres, bus and railway stations is a common occurrence, helmet theft at the traffic police headquarters is of serious concern and the thief must be caught. In Bengaluru, at least 50 such cases are reported, but the jurisdictional police don’t take the case seriously and just keep an eye out for such thieves.”


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