Techies Arrested For Letting Owl Loose Into House Under Litigation

Unemployed  software engineer and his four friends arrested for letting loose an owl into a house under litigation in Cottonpet locality. The plan was that the members of the house would leave the house out of superstitions and the persons behind the plan would move in, but their plans were thwarted after the CID forest cell arrested them and rescued the owl.

The police also said that they would have sold the owl in the market. The accused has been identified as Manmohan, Mudasweer, Saleem, Bashith and Juber, all from Rajasthan. Manmohan had completed his education in Rajasthan and was looking for employment in Bengaluru. The bird was found in his possession after they caught it from Hunsuru recently. Since some believe it is a bad omen if an owl enters a home. Residents will have to vacate the premises till purification rituals are completed, Manmohan was planning to help one of his ‘friends’ to get a house vacated using the ‘ówl trick’.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (CID, Forest Cell) Balaramegowda AR said, that there is no previous cases registered against the arrested youths But they might have been planning to do it. We are verifying it.

A police official said,

“Catching an owl is illegal, so we have registered a case in Cottonpet police station against the arrested persons and we have rescued the owl.”


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