Teenagers Hold Garage Sale For A Good Cause

Four teenagers spend two weeks of their holidays, taking initiative and raising money from a garage sale to give to a charity. The four identified as Tejas and Yashas Kedlaya and Anya and Riya Pallamreddy, were inspired to put time to good use by their parents.

The mother of Indira Kedlaya, Tejas and Yashas told BM that they were inspired with the idea from the garage sales they have seen in the US.

 “The kids printed out a brochure on the even and put them up at many streets. They gave a WhatsApp number on it, for people to get in touch to give their stuff away. We went and picked up all the items.”

They collected books, clothes, and some kitchen items that priced from Rs 10 to Rs 400. The best items they received were an entire set of Harry Potter books and a bread maker.

The kids were able to collect Rs.5,000 with the event and donated it to Karunashraya Hospice Centre.

Tejas said,

“I felt the money was going to the right place. It was an eye-opening experience.”

His brother Yashas said he was pleasantly surprised that the event turned out to be a success.

Rachana Reddy, Anya and Riya’s mother, said

“As they had priced all the items low, the crowd that came to buy were domestic helps, security guards, drivers and gardeners.”

Anya said that they did not receive any calls from people in the beginning. But they went door-to-door reminding people about the garage sale.

 “It was like going through somebody else’s trash, which could essentially become someone else’s treasure. We sold clothing, small pieces of furniture, books, CDs and DVDs to people who aren’t privileged themselves. We are thankful to them for helping us raise this money. They were unaware of the cause,” Anya said.

Riya said,

 “We were given a tour of Karunashraya and we realised that the hospice was in need for funds.”


Teenagers Hold Garage Sale For A Good Cause
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Teenagers Hold Garage Sale For A Good Cause
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