Bengaluru Offers Better Pay To Women Than Anywhere Else In India.

If you are a women who just got out of college with a fresh degree in hand, waiting to see what the job market has to offer you, then Bengaluru might just be what you have been looking for.

A study conducted by TeamLease showed that Bengaluru offers better pay to women than anywhere else in India. There is no scarcity for jobs or opportunities in the city as many companies, both Indian and global, looking to set up offices in the city. Most of these are part of modern industries and are willing to pay employees a lot more.

Another for women to chose Bengaluru is it’s cosmopolitan nature. With many people, Indians and foreigners alike, preferring Bangalore as their base in India, the city has fast become an accepting and open society, making the it a popular destination for working women.

Also Bengaluru has emerged as IT hub of India and is safe to assume, that the Information and Technology sector is among the more gender sensitive sectors in India, offering women working environments that are more non-discriminatory than many others.

The study also found that Kolkata was the worst paying city for women. Kolkata having lower standards of living cannot boast about many modern companies. Another reason for this is that of the companies that do have offices in the cities, most of them are back-offices, which do not offer pay packages similar to those at head offices in other cities.

Best-paying cities for women:

1. Bengaluru

2. Pune

3. Mumbai

4. Hyderabad

5. Delhi

Worst-paying cities for women

1. Chandigarh

2. Ahmedabad

3. Kolkata




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