Security Beefs Up Outside CM Siddaramaiah’s Daughter-in-law’s Apartment

Malleswaram police increase security outside chief minister Siddaramaiah’s daughter-in-law’s house after she complained about unidentified persons beeing vandalising the premises of her apartment. Police are trying to identify if they are jackfruit theives or miscreants posing threat. Smitha, the CM’s daughter-in-law is provided with security by the police. But they say that it could be jackfruit thieves who entered the apartment premises.

Smitha, the wife of late Rakesh Siddaramaiah residing at RS Vella on 9th Main, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, filed the complaint on June 16th with the Malleswaram police. According to her complaint, she heard noises in her sit-out on June 15th around 2 a.m. She says that her dog “Rambo” started barking at the same time. She came out to find around five jackfruits had been taken down from the tree and were scattered on the ground. She said in her complaint that she had heard noises in her sit-out before and had called the police and asked them to visit the spot.

She also said the police that she doesn’t think that it is the work of thieves. She stays in her apartment along with her mother and children and has requested for protection.

The police said,

“As a safety measure, we have deployed a Pink Hoysala in front of her house to keep a watch,”

A senior officer said,

 “We have not registered any case based on the complaint given by her. We are going to verify the CCTV camera installed and find out what exactly happened. There always has been enough security in front of her house and intensified patrolling is being done. We don’t know how this incident could have happened despite the security. We don’t want to comment on the complaint given by her, we are probing into it.”


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