After Blue Whale, It’s The ‘Momo’Challenge That’s Taking Internet By Storm

Not long ago, a game called Blue Whale created havoc world wide has people lost lives to complete tasks, especially the kids. Just when it has started to disappear, a new terrifying challenge has surfaced on the internet.

The Momo is a viral challenge which encourages kids to add a contact on WhatsApp. The character will then terrify them with violent images and dares, the last one asks the child to take own life.

The challenge originated after a picture of a female sculpture circulated the internet. It is believed that the artist who created the doll Momo used animal remains to create the body of the figure.

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However, the creator is not associated with the challenge that’s circulating in the internet. According to reports, the challenge has already gained the interest of children in the US, Argentina, France, Mexico and Germany.

A child’s death in Argentina is also being linked to the game. The 12-year-old girl had posted videos of herself doing a series of ‘challenges’ before killing herself.

Meanwhile, the authorities are worried about the consequences of the new challenge as it continues to spread on social media. A Twitter account for Spain’s Guardia recently posted the viral challenge and warned people to stay away.

It warned: “Don’t add ‘Momo’!” Then went on to explain that if someone recorded a certain number into their phone a strange face of a woman will appear.

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