20 Highly Sexist Print Ads That Objectify Women

How many times have you wondered what product a particular ad is trying to advertise? Quite often I believe. Logically there is no relation between naked women and beer, naked women and cars or naked women and organ donation. Trust the creativity of ad makers to accommodate scantily clad women or gender stereotypes in their ads.

Now, it’s not like naked men are not featured in advertisements or that gender stereotypes don’t play against men. And I’m just as against the objectification of the male body as of the female. Here are some such sexist ads which will make you uneasy:

1. This beer brand which boasts of being light and hints at how that helps men stay away from fat women.


Source: Design Your way

2. This designer label’s ad which looks like a gang bang.


Source: Pagesix

3. A jewellery ad which shows how women can be bought by jewellery.img

Source: Cracked

4. Why?

  • img

Source: This Page Will Blow Your Mind

5. This ad which faintly hints at who is in control, economically.


Source: Bareface

6. Again. Why?


Source: Imgur

7. When it could have been anything! Anything at all!


Source: Adrants

8. Brilliant ad by this gaming company.


Source: Imgwykop

9. Vague –vanity rather.


Source: Maddysedgewick

10. A salon ad trivialising domestic violence.


Source: Xnet

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11. Why do they relate their car’s features through four pairs of breasts?


Source: Brandsynario

12. Why in the world!


Source: Ads of the world

13. How do you sell a bag of crisps?img

Source: Maxcdn

14. This ad beats all. American Apparels ad shows a unisex shirt worn by a man and a woman. See the difference?


Source: Starcasm

15. A car and a woman are same, right?


Source: pbs.twimg

16. What quality of the product gets highlighted by this ad?


Source: adrants

17. Or this?


Source: msmagazine

18. Why would they equate winning a bet with getting laid?


Source: Bet at home

19. Why can’t a woman be consuming alcohol in these ads instead?


Source: skincognito

20. Promoting leching, not their hotels.


Source: It just bugs me

The prevalence of such images of women in advertisements is a problem. It normalizes their objectification while perpetuating stereotypes.

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