Amazing!! He Has No Hands, But It Didn’t Stop Him From Becoming The Most Popular Barber In Town

People often give up and go into depression when they encounter a small obstacle. However, a few defy the odds and take matters into their own ‘hands’.

The 20-year-old man Gabriel Heredia of Argentina is a true inspiration and his story is something that any person would love to hear.

The man works as a barber though he was born without hands. But, the work he does will surprise you. According to him, he was inspired from his mom, who used to work as a hairdresser. “She taught me some techniques,” he said.

He then experimented with different styles. “I looked at the musicians’ cuts and I loved them. I knew that I wanted to do that,” shared Gabriel.

Despite his condition, he had a happy childhood and always did his best to be independent.

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He said: “I was born this way. but I did a lot of different things. I have learnt to serve a glass of water by myself, I’ve studied, I’ve learnt to ride a bike, a motorbike, and even to drive a car. But if I couldn’t so something, my mother helped me.”

Additionally, he had some wonderful and supporting friends in school. “They always made me feel good. My friends were incredible,” told Gabriel.

He even opened his own barbershop in San Isidro and even met Zlatan Gomez, president of the Argentina Corta organization who helped him expand his network in the industry.

He is known for his cool and trendy hair styles. He said: “the thing that I like the most of my job is that people feel comfortable and stylish with my cuts and that makes me feel happy.”

He also offers free services and lessons when he is free to both young and old.

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