Crazy! The ‘Fart Authority’ Gets The Sack After Documenting His Farts For Six Months

We all know that internet is prone to some real stupid things and there is no other option other than bearing it. However, this case is something you would never have dreamt of coming across. Though, it’s hilarious, you can’t help but wonder how stupid it is.

Doug works as a security guard in a hospital in New Jersey. Since he was believed to be funny and well-mannered, his work station was brought to the front of the place. But, it turned out to be a disaster for a weird reason.

During a quiet shift, Doug had an epiphany. He told: “The lobby has really great acoustics, and naturally, we all fart. One day I ripped a rather nice one and got really good sound from it, so the next time it happened I recorded it and sent it to my group chat.”

Interestingly, his friends also thought it was kind of great and suggested him to take it to a larger audience. He then posted them to his Instagram account, the snappily-titled ‘The Fart Authority’

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He created the character of Paul Flart – based upon the frankly awful titular character of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

The fame then reached to his employers, who fired him from the job. Of course, you don’t want to mess with your PR.

So, what next for Paul Flart? Is there money to be made from farting on the Internet? The answer to that question is almost certainly yes.

He said: “My thought process is just run with this and see where this goes.”

He’s started making merchandise and is taking his efforts to their next logical (sort of) step by introducing proper graphic design and videos. He may yet carve himself out a career as a viral star.

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