Finally, Bruno – The Incredible Yet High Maintenance Cat Gets A Permanent Home

A few days back a story regarding an adorbale yet high-maintenance cat called Bruno was posted. It was mentioned that it was looking for a forever home, which was difficult to find because of high maintenance.

Just to mention one of the many requirements – Bruno will only eat if you pet him and then meow incessantly after being given food.

Most of them had reservations about adopting the cat after looking at the things they had to do. However, after seeing the cat’s situation, hundreds of applications were received.

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After the scrutiny, the responsibility of the cat was given to a Chicago-based actress and singer called Lauren Paris who won the lottery. For those who couldn’t make the cut, they can always keep an eye on Bruno via Instagram.

Laura’s application included a recommendation from her boss, a letter of intent, footage of her apartment, and an original song about his high-maintenance status.

Well, looks like Bruno is heading to the right place and hopefully Laura will have a great time with her new pet.

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