Teen With Down Syndrome Walks Away With Beauty Pageant Crown

A teenager from Northern Ireland with Down Syndrome was crowned the Ultimate Beauty in the World. Kate Grant, from Cookstown in Tyrone, participated in the pageant in the Seagoe Hotel in Portadown.

She took the number one spot in the senior category. The competition had junior, teen and senior category.

She was also a part of BBC documentary called Role Model, which revealed her ambitions of becoming a model. The teen was then asked by the director of the Ultimate Beauty of the World pageant to participate and represent Northern Ireland.

Deidre, Kate’s mom said: “When they called third and second and then Kate’s name I almost hit the floor, I was so overwhelmed. They said Kate stole everyone’s heart, she was so outgoing and confident, she represented that pageant.”

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She became popular after her Facebook post went viral, in which she opened about wanting to be a model.

She also became the first girl with Down Syndrome to win a beauty pageant. She is using the platform to raise awareness of inclusion for people with disabilities and special needs.

“She is breaking through barriers and the perception people have of people with disabilities,” Kate’s mom said.

She thanked everyone and had a piece of advice for young disabled people.

“Do your own lives, do your own stuff. Just trust yourself and believe in yourself. Tell your parents: ‘I want to do it.’”

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